Rove Apparel is more than just a brand, it's a community. Photographers deserve to be rewarded for their hard work and creativity and Rove will give them a place to do just that. We team up with creatives under the Rove brand to spread their work to the world. 

Our goal is to partner with and equip photographers and creatives to join an adventuresome community where they can connect with other people with the same interests. The more people we get involved, the more impact we can have. 


Our team is made up of tons of partnerships, but our founding members are the inspiration for the brand and the core driver for where the brand goes in the future.

Joe English (@janglish10) is a passionate visual artist, a designer and photographer. He loves creating images that elicit emotion. Nature inspired him to pick up a camera in the first place, but he loves capturing portraits too.  When not in his studio or outside, he is working as a creative director designing brand identity, websites and mobile applications.

Daymon Long (@dayj_lo)  loves to live out a good story and hopes that in the midst of that, he can capture even better stories through photo and video work.  Whether it's travel landscapes, or intimate portraits, Daymon tries to bring innovative thought to creating images. 

Austin Park (@_parkphoto) is a designer by degree but is also a multifaceted photographer who loves to travel. He loves experiencing how the world can look from different vantage points and focuses on capturing them in his work. Austin focusses specifically on texture, shape, and color in his work. 

Seth Killian (@kilian_seth_r) is also a designer by degree. As a motorhead, photographer, traveler, and craftsman, Seth loves creating and building things with his hands. Seths work ranges from photography and videography to furniture design to leather working and rebuilding old motorcycles. 

Ryan Grove (@ryangrove_) is a designer who tends to be creative without even trying. Ryan is a creator at heart spanning from graphic design to music and several things in between. Ryan drives creative direction and ensures that the styles that Rove produces are appealing to our those in our communities. 

Andrew Grove (@adgproductions) is first and foremost an entrepreneur. With backgrounds in design, photography, and brand building, Andrew loves to bring people around idea and equip them to contribute using their passions.